List of packages

Package name Description ∑ Major Project URL OS UC Tags
aplteam-APLGit2 Git interface from Dyalog APL via Git Bash 1 Lin, Mac, Win Y apl-git-interface
aplteam-APLProcess Start an APL process from within Dyalog APL 1 Lin, Mac, Win process
aplteam-APLTreeUtils2 General utilities required by most members of the APLTree library 1 Lin, Mac, Win utilities
aplteam-CodeCoverage Monitors which parts of an application got actually executed 1 Lin, Mac, Win code-coverage,test-framework,unit-tests
aplteam-CommTools Communication tools for interactions in the session: YesOrNo and Select 1 Lin, Mac, Win communication-tools,yes-or-no,select-tool
aplteam-Compare Allows comparing and merging objects in the workspace with a file or a file with another file 2 Win comparison-tool,merge-tool
aplteam-CompareFiles Cover for comparison utilities 1 Lin, Mac, Win Y file-comparison,comparison-utilities
aplteam-CompareSimple Allows comparing objects in the workspace with a file or a file with another file 2 Win comparison-tool
aplteam-DateAndTime Utilities related to Date and Time, including doing math 1 Lin, Mac, Win date,time
aplteam-DotNetZip Zipping and unzipping with.NET Core on all major platforms 2 Lin, Mac, Win zip-tools
aplteam-EventCodes Constants with meaningful names for Dyalog error codes 1 Lin, Mac, Win event-constants
aplteam-Execute Start a process from within APL 1 Win process,run-applications
aplteam-FilesAndDirs Utilities for doing gymnastics with files and directories 1 Lin, Mac, Win files,directories
aplteam-GitHubAPIv3 Utilities for dealing with GitHub repositories 1 Lin, Mac, Win github-utilities
aplteam-HandleError Allows to catch errors on an application level; saves information that allow analyzing the error 1 Lin, Mac, Win error-trapping
aplteam-IniFiles Allows instantiating good old INI files in APL; comes with extended syntax supporting APL-like data structures 1 Lin, Mac, Win ini-files,config-files
aplteam-Inno Run the Inno Setup compiler on a particular script in order to create a setup.exe 1 Win inno,setup,installer
aplteam-Laguntza Managing and displaying help pages based on markdown files 1 Win help,markdown
aplteam-Logger Allows writing to LOG files; (almost) guaranteed to never break the application 1 Lin, Mac, Win log-files,logging
aplteam-MakeHelpers Collections of helpers for building an application 1 Lin, Mac, Win Y build,make
aplteam-MarkAPL Converts Markdown to HTML5 1 Lin, Mac, Win markdown,converter
aplteam-OS OS-related tools for all major platforms 1 Lin, Mac, Win os-tools
aplteam-ServiceState Interface between the Windows SCM (Service Control Manager) and applications running as a service 2 Win windows-services,scm
aplteam-SevenZip Zip files with the Open Source tool 7Zip 1 Lin, Win zip-tools
aplteam-ShowChmHelp Display CHM files under program control (Windows only) 1 Win help,chm
aplteam-SMTP SMTP client for sending emails from within Dyalog APL 2 Lin, Mac, Win smtp,email
aplteam-Tester2 Dyalog APL test framework 1 Lin, Mac, Win test,test-framework
aplteam-WindowsEventLog Tools to read from and write to the Windows Event Log 1 Win windows-event-log
aplteam-WinReg Tools for dealing with the Windows Registry 1 Win windows-registry
aplteam-WinRegSimple Limited set of tools for dealing with the Windows Registry 1 Win windows-registry
aplteam-WinSys Windows-only OS calls and system infos 1 Win os-tools
aplteam-ZipArchive Zipping and unzipping with .NET on Windows and zip/unzip on other platforms 2 Lin, Mac, Win zip-tools
davin-DateTime Easy calculations with dates 1 Lin, Mac, Win dates,times,calculations,formatting,dt
davin-FilePlus Extend component files to use named components 1 Lin, Mac, Win files,names,components,named-components,extension,dynamic
davin-SQLFns Easily create text SQL commands for use with any SQL program interface 1 Lin, Mac, Win sql,command-generation,text-creation
davin-Tester Simplified function-level testing of programs 1 Lin, Mac, Win function,testing,tester,validation
dyalog-HttpCommand Utility to execute HTTP requests 1 Lin, Mac, Win http,pi
dyalog-Jarvis JSON and REST Web Service Framework 1 Lin, Mac, Win http,webservice,json,rest