Usage data

Via this page you can download usage data for packages.

The following steps are carried out by any Tatin Server:

  1. On the first of January of any given year:
  2. On the first day of any given month (except the first of January):

The table shows the data from the file "usage-data-2022.csv" but aggregated by month and version number.

Because of the aggregation "Month" and "Year" are no longer meaningful, therefore these columns are not shown.

Group Name Downloads
aplteam APLTreeUtils2 6
aplteam FilesAndDirs 6
aplteam MarkAPL 3
aplteam OS 3
aplteam CodeCoverage 1
aplteam HandleError 5
aplteam IniFiles 3
aplteam Tester2 3
aplteam WindowsEventLog 3
aplteam WinReg 2
aplteam WinSys 2
aplteam EventCodes 1
  1. Data for 2022 (zipped, ~ 1 KB)